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Psycho Principal

Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter

Boss Type: Psycho Principal

It seems that last week’s story struck a chord with a lot of people. Who knew that there are so many teachers suffering under the controlling grips of psychotic school principals? It is one thing to be afraid of the school principal as a pimple-covered rebellious teenager, but it is a whole other thing when you fear the principal as a professional adult.

Since last week, we have received quite a few stories and emails commenting on the terrible treatment these passionate teachers have received. As a result, we now have a new boss type: the Psycho Principal. We will have a few stories from teachers in the coming weeks, but to start us off, here is one from Samantha:

I taught in a school where the principal took the “pal” part very seriously, but only for parents and students.  When parents would come to him with concerns / complaints, he would listen to their story, and then ambush the teacher with a surprise meeting.  Twice I was “called to the office” while an ed assistant was sent to cover my class.  I had no idea who was waiting for me and no opportunity to gather my thoughts (or notes) on the situations in question, so of course I looked like an idiot while being berated by hostile parents.

The only course this principal taught was the highest level grade 12 math (smallest class, studious kids, no troubles), when he bothered to show up.  During his rec hockey season, his games and bar nights were on Sundays and he was often “sick” on Mondays. That’s okay, because he used the classroom right across from the office, so he would just call in the assignment and have the secretary write it on the board and “look in” on the class.   I was hired on with 2 other new teachers and we all resigned before we found new jobs; we’d rather be broke than work for him!


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