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Bad Bosses are Universal

So, after a summer hiatus from My Boss is a Lemon, I have begun collecting stories and jokes to entertain you through the fall and winter (or spring and summer for those of you south of the equator!). Looking through the visitation statistics at the site, I was amazed to see the sheer number of people visiting from around the world. Seriously, looking through the visitation stats is like a world geography course.¬†Believe it or not, people from 72 different countries have visited the site this year. That’s right – 72! You glorious people, you!

But, as happy as I am to have connected with people from 72 countries, it also means that terrible bosses are universal. It doesn’t matter what continent you are on, people there are suffering under the abuses of ridiculously stupid and¬†controlling bosses.

So, let’s keep up the fight, my friends. Let’s continue to expose the poor behaviour of our bosses. Because, if there is anything that unifies people from around the globe, it is the universality of our crappy bosses.


Revenge Strategy: Keeping the Boss ‘Posted’

Instead of a Monday Boss Joke, today I thought I would bring you something a little different. Here is a photo of a ¬†humorous practical joke played while the boss was out of the office (courtesy of the photo sharing site, imgur). This isn’t what the boss meant when he said to “keep him posted” while he was gone!

This revenge could cause the employee to be in a "sticky situation."

We’re back for 2012

After a hiatus in the latter part of 2011, we are back to bring you more hilarious stories of terrible bosses. Stay tuned for great boss jokes, wonderful submitted stories, and tips to help you survive your own lemon boss.

Do you have a story to share? Make sure to visit our “Submit a Story” page. Don’t worry, we will protect you by changing all names involved.

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Welcome to “My Boss is a Lemon”

I’ve had a lot of bad bosses. I don’t know why. It seems that a promotion can turn a wonderfully rational person into an incompetent, power-hungry fool that lives to make your life miserable.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of two people. Either your boss is a lemon and you need to know you are not alone, or you are a boss and you need to know what behaviour to avoid. Either way, this website can help.

“My Boss is a Lemon” is a website for sharing stories about bosses, learning about types of bosses, and gaining tips on how to survive with one. And, if you are a boss, this website is an encyclopedia on what not to do.

I welcome you to explore…

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