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Revenge Strategy: Keeping the Boss ‘Posted’

Instead of a Monday Boss Joke, today I thought I would bring you something a little different. Here is a photo of a  humorous practical joke played while the boss was out of the office (courtesy of the photo sharing site, imgur). This isn’t what the boss meant when he said to “keep him posted” while he was gone!

This revenge could cause the employee to be in a "sticky situation."


Revenge Strategy: Film your Boss

How best should you seek revenge on your lemon boss? Well, here is one approach. Chris from Discovery Channel’s TV show Mythbusters considers his boss (Jamie Hyneman) a douchebag. So, what does he do? He does what 99% of us wouldn’t dare. He makes a video of his boss critiquing him, and then he adds hilarious subtitles to the video.

Although this is fun for others to watch, it probably isn’t a good idea to do yourself unless you have another job lined up.


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