We have all been there. Suffering as a result of a crappy boss. Maybe your boss reviews all your e-mails before they are sent. Maybe your boss spits in your face while yelling at you. Or, maybe your boss is just plain stupid. Whatever your boss is like, we all have one thing in common – our bosses are awful. They’re duds. One might even say they’re complete lemons.

Well, now is the time to stand up and fight back. Empower yourself and tell the world about your awful boss. This blog is about all the awful bosses out there – stories that are funny, crazy, and sad. Submit your stories to me, and I’ll help you tell the world.

But, it isn’t just about sharing great stories of lemon bosses. It is also about understanding how to deal with them. From tips on surviving the workplace, to ideas for practical jokes to pull on your boss, all the way to looking for a new job, this site is meant to support, enlighten, and empower.

But, most of all, it is therapy for all of us poor sods that haven’t won the lottery and quit… yet.


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