Psycho Principal Part II

Boss Types: Psycho Principal, Old Yeller

Who knew that so many teachers are suffering under terrible bosses? As a continuation of our last psycho principal story, here is yet another story of an atrociously bad principal, submitted by Diane:

I worked for one of the worst principals – EVER! She was woefully underqualified and terribly insecure. She had a home economics degree and no background in formal education – only a personal connection with members of the board. She used to regularly try to hide her insecurity and inability to do her job by screaming at various teachers. I watched as, one by one, all the long-term teachers who had built up the school’s reputation quit. This principal would then lie to the board as to why the teachers were quitting, saying they needed more time with their family or they couldn’t handle the job.

My most frustrating moment with her was during a time when I was waiting for an operation, so I could barely stand. I kept working, though, choosing to teach while sitting on the edge of my desk. One day, I was in my office when the fire alarm went off. As it was in the dead of winter (-30 degrees Celsius) outside and I was in such pain, I grabbed my winter coat and cane on the way out of my office. Upon seeing me in a coat, this pitiful excuse for a principal started screaming at me, saying that I was a poor example for the students (since many of them did not have time to grab their coats). It wasn’t long until I quit as well. What a psycho!

If you know a teacher like Diane, maybe you should give them an apple to cheer them up. Better yet, send them the link to My Boss Is A Lemon so they can expose their lemon bosses!


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